Our Philosophy

The Southwoods Way

Southwoods is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, just 15 minutes from the renowned "high peaks." Situated on picturesque Paradox Lake, a pristine spring-fed lake, where the majestic mountains of the Adirondack Park slope to its waters edge. Southwoods offers an interactive and exciting camp program with a masterful blend of arts, sports, outdoor and waterfront activities. An intentional progressive program, facilitated by excellent staff, our campers are; inspired, encouraged to find new passions, educated about the natural world around them and learn how to create friendships circles that are carried into adulthood…all in a fun four-week camp experience.

The Southwoods Mission

Southwoods is committed to empowering people. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem by reinforcing positive human values. We achieve that goal through cutting-edge programming implemented by a carefully selected and fully trained staff whose investment in children, like our own, is unparalleled.

The Southwoods Community

Campers in the Southwoods community grow, discover, build confidence and learn how to navigate the tricky social situations they will experience the rest of their life. Acclaimed as the premier four-week summer camp in the country, Southwoods is a place where children feel empowered. Empowered to be their best self and to challenge themselves in new ways every day. Campers then take their invaluable experiences from Southwoods summers with them into adulthood. Then return as staff to help create those same experience for the next generation of campers. Southwoods is an institution families trust to provide an environment for children that is:


We value children, and our program is constantly growing and evolving to help children learn how to value themselves,
others, and natural world.

The Southwoods Fuzzy Philosophy

We encourage campers and staff to give of themselves to make someone else day better on a daily bases. Every evening before our evening meal the entire camp meets around the flagpole to celebrate the day and each other. Scott and Andrea recognize campers that have been nominated by their camp peers for their selfless acts. We believe that children learn through positive reinforcement and this is the public way we positively reinforce what our staff are doing all day long.


The Southwoods Progressive Program

is ever evolving and dynamic
is developmentally progressive
meets the needs and interests of children
offers appropriate challenges and opportunities for each age
is participation not perfection
is challenge by choice

Southwoods’ campers are exposed to an experience that:
Provides Growth
Develops Grit and Resiliency
Encourages Independent Thought
Fosters Creativity
Awakens New Passions

Our success comes from respecting the singular talents, strengths and ideas of each individual child.

Southwoods Diversity Statement

Southwoods is accountable for and committed to creating an inclusive environment. We embrace individual uniqueness by creating a climate of respect that takes a holistic view of diversity. We recognize and understand that in pursuit of excellence, the responsibility lies with us all to foster and support the wide range of experiences and viewpoints brought to camp by our Southwoods family. This includes our campers, parents, staff and vendors.

Summer Address:
532 NYS, Route 74
Paradox, NY 12858
Telephone: 518-532-7717

Winter Address:
PO Box 201
Granite Springs, NY 10527
Telephone: 914-214-8780
Fax: 914-245-1683

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