Leader In Training (LIT)

Our journey to great leadership!

This program is an opportunity for Southwoods campers to return to the Adirondacks the summer following their Super Senior year! Learn about leadership skills and spend time interacting with younger campers. Spaces are limited to a total.


A 5 week Leader in Training (LIT) program for campers entering 11th grade.

What we promise?
We will take LITs on a journey, which will help them develop skills to become confident leaders within the camp community, as well as in their everyday lives.

The 4 Components:

  1. LITs will determine what skills good leaders use.
  2. LITs will have many opportunities every day to practice using these skills.
  3. In a safe environment, LITs will work together, as a group, to learn from and support each other.
  4. LITs will have fun while learning to become great leaders!

Where will our journey take us?

LIT Life: Working & Living Together as a Group
Teamwork, Respect, Motivation, Initiative
The Fantastic Four
Responsibility, Communication, Listening, Observation
Creativity is AWESOME!
Planning, Presenting, Enthusiasm, Problem Solving
On Your Way to Becoming a Superstar Leader
Group Leadership, Developing Positive Behavior, Managing Undesired Behavior, Persistence

How will we get there?

Modeling, Activities, Discussion, Reflection/Journals, Mentoring, Evaluations, Praise, Special Camp Responsibilities

Camp is fun!

Some other things that we will do throughout the program:
Special Events, Campfires, Disney World in Florida, Daily Leadership Sessions, Day Trips, Behind the Scenes at camp, Program Area Certification Courses: First Aid, Ropes Course, Sports Clinics, and so much more!


Registration Agreement
Packing List (PDF)


Learning from leaders

Building a toolbox of skills

Being a Community Leader

Understanding teamwork

Summer Address:
532 NYS, Route 74
Paradox, NY 12858
Telephone: 518-532-7717

Winter Address:
PO Box 201
Granite Springs, NY 10527
Telephone: 1-914-214-8780
Fax: 914-245-1683

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