Bunk Life at Southwoods

Twenty-Five cabins adorn the bunkline, and each summer day it's filled with campers and staff doing everything from playing cards, reading, telling jokes, playing guitar and singing, tossing the ball, practicing for airband and talent show acts, writing letters, and of course campers sleep in their bunks. From wakeup to lights out there are always groups going to and from activities up and down the bunkline!

  • 25 cabins house 6 to 14 campers and 3 to 5 staff members
  • Modern, comfortable cabins with electricity and bathrooms
  • Lights out time depends upon the age group of the campers

  • Safe Haven

  • Southwoods Health Center is staffed by a Pediatric Doctor and 4 RN's 24 hours a day
  • The Safehaven staff is prepared to meet the needs of every camper
  • Schroon Lake Health Center is 3 miles from camp
  • Ticonderoga Hospital is 15 miles from camp

  • Forms:

    Registration Agreement

    Bunk Time

    Campers and staff love to spend rest hour together playing cards, reading, or listening to music.

    After lights out, staff read a bunk favorite book aloud before campers spend their flashlight time writing a letter to friends and family.

    Bunkline Breakdown

    Cabin GroupGrade
    Frosh:2nd & 3rd
    Lower Jr:3rd > 4th
    Upper Jr:4th > 5th
    Lower Inter:5th > 6th
    Upper Inter:6th > 7th
    Lower Sr:7th > 8th
    Upper Sr:8th > 9th
    Super Sr:9th > 10th

    Summer Address:
    532 NYS, Route 74
    Paradox, NY 12858
    Telephone: 518-532-7717

    Winter Address:
    PO Box 201
    Granite Springs, NY 10527
    Telephone: 914-214-8780
    Fax: 914-245-1683

    Contact Details