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Below is a list of suggested accommodations in our area. We recommend that you make your reservations for visiting day now since it is during the height of the tourist season. Some facilities may already be booked for this summer. Summer is just around the corner and we look forward to you spending the day with us.

Cornerstone Victorian Telephone: 518-623-3308
Super 8 Telephone: 518-623-2811

Friends Lake Inn Telephone: 518-494-4751
Landon Hill B & B Telephone: 518-494-2599

Schroon Lake:
Adirondack Inn Telephone: 518-743-1665
Mapel Leaf Motel Telephone: 518-532-7474
Drake's Motel Telephone: 518- 532-7481
Shroon Lake B & B Telephone: 518-532-7042
Silver Spruce B & B Telephone: 518-532-7031
Tumble Inn B & B Telephone: 518-351-5020

Lake George Area:
Tall Pines Motel Telephone: 518-668-5122
Best Western Telephone: 518-668-5701
Fort William Henry Telephone: 518-668-3081
Great Escape Lodge Telephone: 518-824-6060
Holiday Inn Telephone: 518-668-5781
Courtyard by Marriot Telephone: 518-523-2900
Contessa Resort Telephone: 518-644-5921
Georgian Lakeside Resort Telephone: 800-525-3436
Quality Inn Telephone: 518-668-3525
Canoe Island Lodge Telephone: 518-668-5592
Wingate by Wyndham Telephone: 518-668-4884
Super 8 Telephone: 518-623-2811
Tahoe Resort Telephone: 518-668-5711
Sagamore Resort Hotel Telephone: 518-644-9400
Chelka Lodge Telephone: 518-668-4677
Brookside Cabins Telephone: 518-668-3344
Ramada Inn Telephone: 518-793-7701
Fran Cove Motel Telephone: 518-668-2161

North Creek:
Copperfield Inn Telephone: 518-251-2200
The Summit At Gore Telephone: 518-251-4180

The Woodruff House B & B Telephone: 518-873-6788

Super 8 Telephone: 518-585-2617
Best Western Telephone: 518-585-2378

Lake Placid:
Courtyard by Marriot Telephone: 518-523-2900
Mirror Lake Inn Telephone: 518-523-2544
High Peaks Resort Telephone: 518-523-4411
Crowne Plaza Telephone: 518-523-2556
Golden Arrow Hotel Telephone: 518-523-3353
Best Western Telephone: 518-523-2424
Lake Placid Summit Resort Telephone: 518-523-2587
Northwoods Inn Telephone: 518-523-1818
Lake Placid Lodge Telephone: 518-523-7000

Summer Address:
532 NYS, Route 74
Paradox, NY 12858
Telephone: 518-532-7717

Winter Address:
PO Box 201
Granite Springs, NY 10527
Telephone: 914-214-8780
Fax: 914-245-1683

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