Daily Schedule

Come Play With Us!

The Daily Schedule at Southwoods is non-stop excitement and fun that includes opportunities for choice and skill progression for every kid.

Early Morning Risers6:30
Wake Up Fun!7:30
Clean Up Fun! 8:00
Breakfast 8:30
Three Fun Morning Activities & Electives 9:30
Lunch 12:30
Rest Hour 1:15
Two Fun Afternoon Activities & Electives 2:00
Snack 4:15
Free Play Fun 4:30
Lineup! 5:30
Dinner 6:00
Showers 6:45
Evening Activity Fun 7:30
Canteen + Lights Out varies with each age group


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What Are EMRs?

Early Morning Risers are fun activities from 6:30 am to 7:15am for kids who wake up early. They meet the activity specialists running one of the 3 activities that morning and have some extra fun before returning to their cabin for regular wake up.

What is Free Play?

Free Play is a time after snack each day that all activities except Pines and Waterfront are open. Campers get to choose what activity they would like to do each day for Free Play. Some kids enjoy reading outside their cabin, strumming the guitar, or playing cards with their friends. Typically activity areas have special games or tournaments during Free Play!

Summer Address:
532 NYS, Route 74
Paradox, NY 12858
Telephone: 518-532-7717

Winter Address:
PO Box 201
Granite Springs, NY 10527
Telephone: 914-214-8780
Fax: 914-245-1683

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