Southwoods Super Senior Program

The 2018 Super Senior Program is Sold Out!

Our Super Senior Program is for returning Upper Senior Campers Only. These young adults get to put all they have learned at Southwoods as they travel, participate in community service projects, and experience leadership opportunities. Places traveled to by past super seniors include Ohio, Ceder Point, Niagara Falls, Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San DIego. The westward adventure trip will not only include site seeing in some of the most beautiful places in America, but also amazing activities such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking, surfing, sailing, and rock climbing!














Super Senior
Community Service Credit
Lifelong Friendships
Project Management
Activity Skill Enrichment
Challenging Fun
Personal Growth

San Diego Surfing and Sailing
Unforgettable Rides
Rafting Westwater Canyon
Super Senior Trip Southwoods
Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas Shows
Biking Moab