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This Week's Fuzzies

Datesort ascending From Name To Name Reason
2/24/2015 Amanda Tara Telling me about Southwoods and showing me around the best place in the world!
2/24/2015 Taylor Sarah Being such a great friend and encouraging me to try new things.
2/24/2015 Dylan Ryan We met at camp and I cannot wait till this summer to be reunited with my friend!
12/6/2013 Tommy Jared u told me about southwoods and we had a fun summer!
12/3/2013 Sarah Katie Thanks for being a great friend!!
12/2/2013 Lance Jake He is nice and I cannot wait to see him this summer!
12/2/2013 Johnny Lauren and Alex They are awesome friends and great to work with!
7/30/2013 David G Daniel G (bunk Nye-Strong) Daniel is a team player with great team spirit. From the pictures, we can see how he is helping the other campers. He is a great role model - trust me, even though I am his older brother, he is still a role model to me!
7/22/2013 Samits Max Huberman (Hubbie) For loooking out for his little sister Sasha and giving her great hugs yesterday on the plane
7/22/2013 Samit family steven samit Steven took great care of his friends who had never gone to camp on the way to Southwoods


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“Don't cry because it's over, cry because it happened"

- Dr. Seuss 

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