Bunk Life at Southwoods Adirondack Sleeping Camp

  • 25 cabins house 6 to 14 campers and 3 to 5 staff members
  • Modern, comfortable cabins with electricity and bathrooms
  • Lights out time depends upon the age group of the campers

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Safe Haven

  • Southwoods Health Center is staffed by a Pediatric Doctor and 4 RN's 24 hours a day
  • The Safehaven staff is prepared to meet the needs of every camper
  • Schroon Lake Health Center is 3 miles from camp
  • Ticonderoga Hospital is 15 miles from camp

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Tour the Bunkline

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Cabin Group 
Breakdown by Grade


2nd & 3rd
Lower Junior 3rd into 4th
Upper Junior 4th into 5th
Lower Inter 5th into 6th
Upper Inter 6th into 7th
Lower Senior 7th into 8th
Upper Senior 8th into 9th
Super Senior 9th into 10th