Dining at Southwoods

Did you know that Southwoods has 3 dining locations?
  • Dining Hall- Where most of our meals happen!
  • Outdoor Grove- Weekly cookouts happen here!
  • Beach Pavilion- Every week we eat down at the lake and watch the sunset!

Southwoods Dining Hall and Grove

Meal Highlights
  • Split Meals between Upper and Lower Camp
  • All-You-Can-Eat, Family style dishes in addition to 3 buffets of extra options at each meal
  • Non-Stop Songs and Cheers make breakfast, lunch and dinner a jovial time!


Menu Matters
  • Carefully selected to fit the needs of every camper
  • Kosher style menu selections
  • Fresh Fruit Bar
  • Salad Bar with Soup of the Day
  • Potato Bar
  • Pasta Bar
  • Vegetarian options at each meal
  • Very Kid-Friendly

salad bar

Please call us with any food concerns at 1-888-449-3357





snack at camp

banana cake fun

"It could not be any better." - The Tiedt Family - Hartsdale, NY

Meal Time Fun

At Southwoods, we allow a child with an allergy to have their dietary needs met.

We are proud to provide great-tasting, healthy food that is nut free.

Our products are made with wholesome, natural ingredients and are always checked for facilitation processing and cross-contamination.